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February 2014
Anonymous manuscript on paper, Brno, about 1918.
Folio, 41 pp. Orig. pap. soft binding.
Very good condition.
Price: 2.000,- CZK
Otokar Brezina ( September 13. 1868, Pocatky - March 25. 1929, Jaromerice nad Rokytnou )
Czech teacher, poet and essayist.
His remarkable poetry earned Brezina a number honorary titles: in 1913 he became a corresponding member, and in 1923 a regular member of the Czech Academy of Arts and Sciences, in 1919 he received an honorary doctorate from Charles University, Prague. However, he turned down the offer to become a professor at the new University of Brno in 1921. In 1921 and again in 1929 he was a Czech candidate for the Nobel Prize for literature.
Tajemne dalky (Mysteroius Distances), a collection of poems, 1895
Svitani na zapade (Daybreak in the West), a collection of poems, 1896
Vetry od polu (Winds from the Poles), a collection of poems, 1897
Stavitele chramu (The Builders of the Church), a collection of poems, 1899
Ruce (Hands), a collection of poems, 1901
Hudba pramenu (The Music of the Sources), a collection of essays, 1903
Posthumously: Skryte dejiny (The Hidden History), a collection of essays, 1970. ed. by J. Zika.

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