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SVABINSKY, Max (1873 - 1962)
Trial print on both sides of the cardboard 536 x 432 mm.
Etching 508 x 405 mm.
Undated [1906], unsignet.
Price: 6.000,- CZK

Volné Smery, č. 11, 1907.
Palkovský, B.: Max Svabinsky. Popisny seznam grafickeho díla 1897 - 1923. Praha, 1923.
Palenicek, L. - Svabinska, Z.: Max Svabinsky. Grafické dilo- soupis. Praha, 1976.
Skranc, Pavel: Max Svabinsky, Kromeriz, 1987.

Max Svabinský was born on 17 September 1873 in Kromeriz and died on 10 February 1962 in Prague. Svabinský was influenced in paintings greatly mainly by Maximilian Pirner, where he studied at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts from 1891-1898 and since 1891 has been a member of the Society of Artists Manes. From 1898 to 1999 lived in Paris and in 1901 received the first prize of the Czech Academy of Sciences and Arts and was accepted as its corresponding member. In 1904, won a gold medal at the World Exhibition in St. Louis. At the Academy he founded after his appointment to a professorship in 1910, a special graphic, led until 1927. 1918 was a founding member of the Association of Czech Graphic Artists (SCUG) Hollar, shortly after 2 World War II, he was named a National Artist.

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