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August 2015
ZIVOT. Nove umeni – Konstrukce – Soudoba intelektuelni aktivita.
LA VIE. L'art nouveau – Construction – Activite intellectuelle contemporaine.
Ed. and typo Jaromir Krejcar, wrappers Feuerstein, Krejcar, Sima and Teige.
Praha, Vytvarny odbor Umelecké besedy, 1922.
4°, 208 pp. Binding full-cloth from the period.
Zivot, vol. 2. - Binding intact, no wrappers
inbound, book block nearly intact. - Primus 285.

Contributions included Ozenfant and Jeanneret’s "Le Purisme" and "Architecture et purisme", the latter specially written for Zivot and published in French and the Czech translation. The conceptual influence of Le Corbusier’s own periodical, l’Esprit Nouveau, was also evident in Zivot II. Much of the illustrative material came directly from l’Esprit Nouveau, as well as from Lissitzky and Ehrenburg’s Vesch-Object-Gegenstand. An excerpt from Ehrenburg’s "Und sie bewegt sich doch" (And still she turns), "Construction", shows the growing influence of Soviet constructivism on the Czech avant garde. The theme of "new beauty" in architecture, embraced the machine age ("Architecture of the trans-Atlantic liners’" and the exotic "Tibetan architecture"). Photography and film were discussed in Jean Epstein’s "Cinema" and particularly Teige’s essay "Foto, kino, film", illustrated with stills featuring Fairbanks, Pickford and Chaplin, as well as with photographs by Man Ray. Included is Teige’s published lecture "The art of the present". Articles by the editor Krejcar, "Die moderne Tschechische Kunst", and "Made in America" (about the culture of the machine age). Other Devetsil contributors include Sima, Honzl, Nezval, Voskovec, Schultz and Seifert, whose poetic manifesto, "All the beauties of the world" introduced and encapsulated the whole anthology.