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M.S.A. mezinárodní soudobá architektura
sborník 1. jaro 1929
Redaction, typography and page lyout Karel Teige.
Praha, Odeon, 1929.
4°, 176 pp. Contemporary full-cloth binding.
M.S.A. mezinárodní soudobá architektura
sborník 2. jaro 1930
Redaction, typography and page lyout Karel Teige.
Praha, Odeon, 1930.
Pp. 295.
M.S.A. mezinárodní soudobá architektura
sborník 3. jaro 1931
Redaction, epilogue, typography and page lyout Karel Teige.
Praha, Odeon, 1931.
Pp. 148.
MSA is
the important publication of the Czech and international avantgarde edited and designed under the influence of the school Bauhaus. MSA 1 contains writings by Teige and Mies, Loos, Mart Stam, Le Corbusier, Ginsberg, and others, and pictorial documentation of buildings designed by the aforementioned and Krejcar, Molnar, Koula, Bohuslav Fuchs, Gropius, Hannes Meyer, Rietveld, Lurcat, Leonidov, Lissitzky, Golosov, Vesnin, etc. MSA 2 contains a number of photographic images of examples of modern Czech architecture, schematic plans and projects. MSA 3 a number of photographic and schematic depictions of the realizations, designs and plans of architects Havlícek and Honzík.
The anonymous creator of the binding was inspired by Karel Teige's typographic and graphic editing. Color, font, noble simplicity, information value, quality materials and functionality form a unique artifact.
Binding is in fine condition. Covers are not bound, book block clean and without signs of wear.

Karel Teige (December 13. 1900, Praha - October 1. 1951, Praha)
Czech theoretician of art and architecture, journalist, critic, editor and an active contributor to the social life. Collage artist, pioneering theoretician of new typography and practicing typographer who designed a large number of books, magazines, ... His technique of connecting the book cover with collage deserves special attention. Teige’s extensive typographical overture comprising several hundred pieces represents an essential contribution to the European book culture between the wars and also in the period following shortly after. Karel Teige became an acclaimed figure already during his lifetime, presenting his typographical works all over the world.
Study: Charles University, Faculty of Arts, Art History and Aesthetics, Praha.
Membership: Leading figure of the avant-garde artists’ association Devetsil (1920) and since 1934 led the Prague Surrealist Group, 1930 Left Front.

Selected Solo Exhibitions: 1966, Karel Teige: Surrealisticke kolaze 1935-1951, Dum umeni mesta Brna, Graficky kabinet; 1967; Analyticka expozice vytvarne cinnosti Karla Teigeho z let 1916-1951, Dum panu z Kunstatu, Brno; 2001, Dreams and Disillusion: Karel Teige and the Czech Avant-Garde, Grey Art Museum, New York City; 2009, Karel Teige: Asymetrická harmonie / Asymetrical Harmony, Muzeum umeni Olomouc.
Selected Group Exhibitions: 1923, Bazar moderniho umeni, Dum umelcu, Praha; 1927, Vystava moderneho umeleckeho priemyslu v Bratislave, Pavilon Umeleckej besedy slovenskej; 1964, Imaginativni malirstvi 1930 - 1950, Alsova jihoceská galerie v Hluboke nad Vltavou; 1967, Karel Teige, Jozef Jankovic, Wiener Secession, Wien; 1968 Il collage nell´arte ceca moderna, Galleria ferro di cavalo, Roma; 1969, 50 Jahre der Tschechischen angewandten Kunst und industrial design, MAK – Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst / Gegenwartskunst, Wien; 1972, Konstruktivismus - Entwicklungen und Tendenzen seit 1913, Galerie Gmurzynska, Köln; 1983, Dessins tcheques du 20e siecle, Centre Pompidou, Paris; 1988-89, Tschechische Kunst der 20er und 30er Jahre: Avantgarde und Tradition, Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt; 1989, Devetsil, A 20-as evek Cseh avantgardja, Mucsarnok, Kunsthalle Budapest; 1993, El Arte de la Vanguardia en Checoslovaquia 1918 - 1938: The Art of the Avant-garde in Czechoslovakia 1918 - 1938, IVAM Centre Julio Gonzáles, Valencia; 2011-12 New Formations: Czech Avant-Garde Art and Modern Glass from the Roy and Mary Cullen Collection, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston; 2014, The Czech Avant-Garde Book, Ryerson & Burnham Libraries, Art Institute Chicago, Illinois.