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April 2020
Graphic design O. Petr.
Brno, Nový lid, 1930.
8°, 26 pp. Sections sewn, original cardboard cover.
First edition. Preferential copy number 17 of limited edition 100 copies on hand paper Holland. Signature of Petr Bezruc on the half-title. - As new.

Petr Bezruc (September 15, 1867, Opava, Austria-Hungary - February 17, 1958, Olomouc, Czechoslovakia)
Czech poet and novelist.
After graduation at the Brno grammar school he studied classical philology. During World War I he was arrested for alleged authorship of an anti-Austrian poem. After the war he was appointed head of the railway post office in Brno, but he resigned the next day. In 1928 he retired. He lived in Brno, then in Kostelec na Hané and in Branka near Opava. In 1939 he settled in Kostelec na Hané and stayed there for the rest of his life.

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