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Cover, illustrations and book design Cyril Bouda.
Praha, F. Topic, 1925.
8°, 26 pp. Contemporary all-parchment binding.
Signed manuscript by Ignat Herrmann on page 1: "Zdrav bud ctenar". - Contemporary all-parchment binding in color of ivory of lighter tone, gilded description on spine, gilded upper edge. Cover is bound at back. - As new. Collector's condition. - Language: Czech.
Ignat Hermann (August 12, 1854, Horni Mlyn near Chotebor, Austrian Empire - July 8, 1935, Revnice near Praha, Czechoslovak Republic)
Czech journalist and writer, fiction writer famous for his feuilletons, short stories and novels from the Prague environment. From 1873 he worked at the J. Otto publishing house. From 1876 to 78, he edited Otto's humorous magazine Palecek. In 1882 he founded the humorous magazine Svanda dudak which he edited almost continuously until 1930. From 1885 he was editor of the newspaper Narodni listy. From 1888 he was chairman of the "May Society". He edited the first edition of the complete works of Jan Neruda.
Selected bibliography of book editions:
He first published most of the short stories in magazines.

- Z chudeho kalamare, 1880
- Prazske figurky, 1884
- Historie o doktoru Faustovi, 1884
- U snedeného kramu, 1890
- Bodri Prazane, 1893
- Otec Kondelik a zenich Vejvara, 1898
- Ztrestěne historky, 1902
- Vdavky Nanynky Kulichovy a co se kolem nich sbehlo, 1918
- Artur a Leontynka, 1921

Cyril Bouda ( November 14, 1901, Kladno, Austria-Hungary - August 29, 1984, Praha, Czechoslovakia)
Czech painter, graphic artist, illustrator, typographer, ...
Study: 1919 - 1923, Umeleckopremyslove skola v Praze, prof. Frantisek Kysela; 1923 - 1926, Akademie vytvarnych umeni v Praze, prof. Max Svabinsky.
Membership: Cesky fond vytvarnych umyni. Sdruzeni ceskych umelcu grafiku Hollar.
Selected Collections: Narodni galerie, Praha, Umelecko-prumyslove museum, Praha.
Exhibitions: Amount of solo exhibitions since 1943 up to the present.
Amount of group exhibitions since 1923 up to the present.
Selected Literature: 1993, Novy slovnik ceskoslovenskych vytvarnych umelcu (I. dil; A - K); 1995, Nova encyklopedie ceskeho vytvarneho umeni (A-M); 1998, Slovnik ceskych a slovenskych vytvarnych umelcu 1950 - 1997 (I. A - C).