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August 2022
Wooden boards covered with leather, four bands, blind stamping, brass bosses, metal clasps, preserved lower lining, rest of upper lining, original endpapers, remnants of original sewing and paper.
Approximate size: 240 x 210 x 35 mm. All parts are original, without modifications or restoration.
Book block: 18 sheets. Paper age is determined to be 16th century or older. Visible part of filigree on all sheets. Eagle head,
wing, claw and initial M. Bookbinding corresponds to sixteenth century.
Reasoning about purpose: Was it printed book with convolut of few blank pages or diary? Approximate dimension of width of spine is measured as outer dimension of object. Thickness of one board is 8 to 9 mm. After subtracting two boards, 17 to 19 mm remain for missing book block. Preserved 18 sheets produce thickness of 5mm. So, original book block had about 80 sheets. Binding such thin book block in solid boards with brass bossess and metal clasps, it does not make any sence. On contrary, if it were diary that is often manipulated, it would be logical.
Price: 24.000,- CZK